Picture of me, the writer and editor wearing an orange blouse. I have long brown hair, short bangs above my eyebrows and I'm wearing hoop earrings

I’m Amanda (she/her). I’m an editor and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area, currently based in Washington state.

As a freelance editor I work with authors from various creative backgrounds to help articulate their vision through the written word. Writing is often a solitary venture, so I like to view the editing process as a collaboration, and to focus on nurturing the writer’s voice and intentions. Forming a dialogue with a variety of storytellers and getting to know what feels urgent to them as writers is my ultimate goal in both work and life.

I earned my B.F.A. in Motion Pictures and Television Screenwriting during which I wrote mostly comedic, character-driven scripts. I later received my Certificate in Editing at the University of Washington. If not in a reading nook or at the movies, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen trying to decipher what “golden brown” should look like.