Services apply to short-form prose and scripted content. Examples of prose documents include flash fiction/short stories, articles, blog posts, essays, etc. Full length manuscripts may be considered on a project-by-project basis.

Aside from screenplays, my expertise lies in any material related to film, television, and media.  But feel free to scroll down to view the other subjects I enjoy, as well as the film genres I’m acquainted with.

Please inquire by filling out the contact form, after which I may ask you to provide an excerpt of approximately 500 words for prose. Scripted content will be quoted according to project requirements.

**For style guides and affiliations please check my resume

substantive editing

A substantive edit usually comes after you’ve completed a first or second draft of your manuscript.

For fiction writers, this means your story is already developed in terms of genre, characters, and setting. You’ve decided on an ending and now it’s time to smooth out any creases.

For nonfiction writers, this might mean we will directly revise your content if requested; It’s all about ensuring clear presentation of information. It may also mean addressing any ambiguity or any unexplained technical terms that might be unfamiliar to some readers.


A copyedit comes during the last steps in preparing your manuscript for your readers, before the proofreading stage.  

Copyediting involves fixing errors in spelling, abbreviation, hyphenation, punctuation, and capitalization– as well as correcting basic errors in grammar, syntax, and word usage.

*Direct revisions of awkward passages or factual errors will be exclusive to a heavy copyedit.  Whether your work requires a light, medium, or heavy copyedit will depend on your sample’s content but will ultimately be what you prefer.

scripted content & transcripts

​Depending on what you’re looking for, we will look at how scenes use motivated description, action, and exposition. 

Basic transcription work will involve proofreading, formatting, and QC.


Film & Television
Pop Culture

film genres

Comedies (Screwball, Dark Comedy, Rom-Com, Action Comedy)